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video games and esports


MyGeekTalent is a platform whose objectives are to finance, develop and promote video game and Esports projects.

Our teams of experts will help you build, structure and nurture an ecosystem around your projects and your creations.

Our partners have made a commitment to accompany us, and to cooperate with MyGeekTalent, in order to achieve a common objective, that of helping you to move from idea to action!




The Mygeektalent team is composed of professionals passionate about video games and esports, who are attentive to the needs of their clients and implement tailor-made communication strategies.

By working with us, video game developers and esports event organizers can be sure to benefit from quality support, which will allow them to implement their project professionally and succeed in achieving their funding goals. Thanks to our team, they will also benefit from targeted and effective communication, which will allow them to reach their target audience and convince people to support their project.

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MyGeekTalent, has been designed to allow each of you, creative, to highlight your work but also to build, structure, and hatch an ecosystem around your projects and your creations. Thanks to our funding platform, our marketplace and our digital communication agency, we find the best financial partners, a committed community and enthusiasts who will believe in your ideas and your talent. Our primary desire is to provide maximum assistance to each creator, in order to develop and promote your project best. And because artistic creation is unique in that it merges with its creator, the support offered is individual and personalized.


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